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Shirley is a Creative Director working independently in Dubai. She specialises in typography-driven branding, editorial design and contemporary art direction. With a keen eye for detail, her work is known for its thoughtfulness, sophisticated style and minimal aesthetic.


With agency and client experiences across a range of industries including fashion, beauty, food & beverage, lifestyle and luxury , she has had the opportunity to work with brands around the world including Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Copenhagen and many more.

More than a logo


Building a


At our core, we're all about turning brands into lifestyle experiences. We're not just about intimidating strategies and flashy designs – we're about infusing your brand with a vibrant lifestyle that resonates deeply with your audience. We're the compass leading you toward a path that distinguishes you, remains memorable, and endures through the ages, because after all, your brand is an experience people live.



an Identity

We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into a our thorough design process. It's all about uncovering the visuals that really tell your story and capture your brand essence. We're here to make sure every detail from logos, colours, typography and graphics reflects your brand effortlessly and authentically.



to Last

We compile all our efforts into a comprehensive brand guideline document. This document becomes your brand's roadmap, equipping you with everything you need to confidently launch into the world. Plus, we're here to design any supporting collateral you may need to establish brand consistency on all platforms.



"We loved working with Shirley!

Her creativity is outstanding. She delivers new perspectives that we haven't thought about ourselves and delivered way more than expected with full presentations and thoughts about all designs and aspects. We see Shirley as an extra force and a part of our team, and will keep using her work. 


We cannot wait to build our brand with her and going international."

Christina Ulveman Juel-Berg, Co- founder of Évie


Build your dream brand today

We work with passionate lifestyle-based businesses all around the globe as creative partners to develop strategic and purposeful brands.

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