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Dusk Hera

visual identity


Dusk Hera is a jewellery brand created to be a safe and welcoming space for EVERYONE. Dusk Hera offers designs at affordable price points that anyone could wear and feel like their most authentic selves. Her jewellery is 24k gold plate brass and sourced directly from Turkish artisans.

the brief

To create a brand identity that reflected the founder's roots as well as relate to Gen Z audiences. 

the solution

The serpent played a very important role in Aztec religion. 

Likewise the ability of many species to move freely between water, earth and the forest canopy helped underline their symbolic role as intermediaries between the different layers of the cosmos (underworld, earth and sky). The Aztecs held great significance in the different layers of the cosmos and their union, so snakes representation of this was highly regarded.

Existing in alternate worlds connects to the story of the Dusk Hera brand, Using the serpent as a vehicle to move between the different worlds acts as the perfect visual identifier for the brand. The periwinkle blue is the primary colour of the brand to tie to the magical dusky skies and flashes of neon green are used to attract Gen Z audiences.

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