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visual identity


A blend of minimalism and luxury, Évie is a high-fashion brand the produces classic handbags for women that adapt to seasonal trends.  The brand's products work with classical and timeless  concepts using techniques and materials that combine refinement and convenience. Created with passion and great attention to detail, each collection is designed to  bring confidence through tones and innovative designs.



the brief

With this brand identity, the company wanted to be visually positioned as the go-to affordable luxury brand, with a strong personality and elegance.

the solution

The logo suite reflects the core values of the brand, and it's attributes: Confident, Minimal and Refined. A confident logtype and icon was created, where the icon will be used as the primary visual identifier to build brand awareness. In contrast, a sans serif type family was chosen to compliment the sharp-edged logotype.

Photography by the Évie team.

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