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Golden campaign-01.jpg

Inspired by the wisdom of nature

visual identity/packaging/campaign


A fictional skincare brand inspired by the wisdom of mother nature, Golden was created with a simple intention in mind – to care for your best skin with the highest quality natural ingredients to make you feel natural confidence.

the brief

To create a holistic branding identity that made users feel safe, comfortable and to avoid them feeling overwhelmed with the vast choices of natural skincare brands through warm colours.

the solution

In keeping with the natural aspect of the brand personality, we wanted self care to feel authentic, accessible and relatable in a way that makes its users feel joyful. The naming and messaging is derived from the energy of the sun "Golden" and is a suggestion to how the product line makes its users feel. 


A warm yellow is used as the primary colour, playing with various minimal interpretations of sun rays, which inspired the logo's main icon and print. Along with the signature yellow, the packaging graphics incorporate the prints. Additionally we  looked for ways to introduce a hand-written typographic expressions , to expand the brand’s visual language and make it more personal.

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