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Ladies who Lounge-07.png

For the modern female CEO

visual identity/campaign


An online members-only designer's lounge for networking and connecting with designers across the globe. The digital lounge is cosy & is an inviting environment for it's members.

the brief

As perceptions of luxury are shifting towards more meaningful experiences, the digital lounge aims to attract modern female designers who are looking for a support system without compromising on their lifestyle. An identity system was needed to reflect the contemporary aspect of the lounge that can be used in branded collateral. 

the solution

We initially were thinking of using more cursive fonts for the logotype to highlight the feminine aspect. However, we wanted something more universal (despite using the word 'Ladies' in the brand name) and went for a more confident and bold type, with an editorial/campaign look & feel.

The Muse identity is led with a deep wine colour and minimal beige, which references the bold passionate feminine energy, providing contrast to the chic beige palette.

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