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tips to diy your branding

I know starting and running a business is an EXPENSIVE affair. (Trust me, as a small business owner, I can relate) And sometimes that means thinking ten times before investing in a Visual Identity. Sometimes it could genuinely mean you have lack of funds, and you need to DIY your branding. However, the problem with DIYing is, it can easily look messy or tacky, and we all know that immediately makes customers turn the opposite direction and makes your business look bad and untrustworthy. The good news is I got you!


  1. Do the research: Read books, blogs, watch videos on branding and learn from branding experts on building a strong foundation for your Visual Identity. If you haven't downloaded my checklist you can do so here.

  2. Try not to look like your competitors: The main thing that gets customers interested is not only a good quality product or service, it's standing out. Instead of copying or looking like the next business in your industry, try thinking differently and use a set of colours or a unique icon that would keep customers interested.

  3. Choose your basics: Choose a few colours (I would recommend 3-5) and stick to it. Don't experiment too much in the beginning when you launch, it can confuse and mislead customers. The same thing applies for fonts, select one or two fonts (one for your headings and one for body text).

  4. Ask around: The best type of feedback is from your family and friends. If you have access to people who fit your target audience, ask them and find out if your DIY Visual Identity resonates with them.

  5. Keep it consistent: The biggest mistake I see new business owners make when it comes to building a brand is a lack of consistency. A few colours and fonts used consistently over time will do more for your brand and build recognition.

If you're ready to invest in a professional Visual Identity for your business

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