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Marketing &

Brand Strategist

visual identity


Ritu Matthew is a Marketing and Brand Strategist, helping businesses grow by bridging the gap between consumers and businesses whilst creating value and inspiring happiness through the power of creative marketing.

the brief

To create a new improved personal brand identity for Ritu Matthew that reflects the expertise and her creative approach to business.

the solution

The visual identity reflects the core values of the brand, and it's attributes: Bold, Dynamic, Imaginative.
The icon is made up of the brand's initials 'R' & 'M' and uses a mix of vibrant colours derived from the colour palette.


The use of bold, primary shapes were inspired by the Bauhaus movement with an emphasis on layout and structure within elements. With it's core theory of form follows function, the movement emphasises a strong understanding of basic design, especially the principles of composition, colour theory, and craftsmanship, in a wide array of disciplines. We wanted to use the same principles to communicate the structure and process in Ritu Matthew's business, and the punch of colours helped to showcase the creative aspect of the business.

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