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SALFA is a high-end wear abaya brand that values women with authentic taste in wardrobing who want to look extraordinary & effortlessly chic.

SALFA offers long-lasting abayas with timeless designs that are a blend of form & function, which allows the perfect wearing options for women who want their wardrobe to serve them in every occasion of the day.

The founders Salama & Fatma created the brand because they felt a big missing gap in their wardrobe, which was owning everyday-wear abayas that matched their busy lives & energy. The brand focuses on selected fabrics for their quality and gives attention to impeccable details, fine tailoring, elegant clean cuts & exquisite supple silhouettes. The collections celebrate sartorial excellence in tailoring & designs as the color palette encompasses a broad array of earth tones & natural shades.



the brief

The founders were looking to refresh their current brand image to reflect the new direction of SALFA: Effortless and sophisticated.

the solution

SALFA embraces a sense of innovative thinking in fashion, through modern current influences.

The direction feels new but also timeless and lasting and is able to showcase the flexibility between day to evening styles.


The branding has a relaxed look and feel, positioned as a brand  for younger audiences but still achieving  an effortless and sophisticated look. The denim blue adds the creative and youthful energy to the brand, however when paired with the timeless creams and browns, we achieve a perfect balance.


The colour combination is unique when compared to existing brands in the market, which will be sure to stand out amongst competitors as well as be remembered by clients.

Photography by the SALFA team.

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