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visual identity


Snug & Story is a Dubai-based poetic, high-grade loungewear brand created with a deep-rooted devotion to be timeless and versatile; while meticulously paying attention to quality and detail.

the brief

To create an identity system that tells a story through every collection and yet feel personal; inspired by the need to be at comfort and an unquenchable love of books. 

the solution

The inspiration is a direct reference to special moments with yourself, be it reading a book or spending time with your dear ones. The direction is feminine and the darker colours reflect the sophisticated and timeless nature of the brand.


Although the brand uses a wide array of colours, they’re all derived from nature-based elements blue (water), dark red (earth) and connect back to the sustainability value of the brand.

The serif logotype inspired by feminine and sophisticated curves. The negative space around each letter  gives an elevated look to the brand. 

At a first glance the brand’s personality shines through in a subtle manner.

The Icon designed is derived from the main logo, and introduces an ornamental border relating back to the rectangular shapes of books.

The uneven stroke of the circle creates more depth and visual interest. Moreover, the thick to thin transition matches the ampersand’s composition of using thick and thin lines.

Photography by Ali Khurshid

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