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visual identity


Soulistic Beings is a space dedicated to helping people cope with their issues in a holistic and spiritual approach. 


Their mission is to help and empower people to overcome their most challenging obstacles to start living happier and healthier lifestyles.They achieve this by creating a life balance that prioritises well-being and celebrates all aspects of the true self.


You can learn more about the the brand at

the brief

The founder felt her old identity didn't reflect her core personality of the brand, and wanted a sophisticated and flexible identity that can branch out into different brand extensions such as a podcast, store and kitchen.

the solution

The identity suite together create a warm, positive and inviting space. The teals replace the conventional used of natured-based greens and modernise the palette. Whereas toned-down pinks add a human and personal touch.


The icon is a unique piece of artwork that incorporates both spiritual and feminine energy. The Floral border is derived from the sacred geometry principles: seed of life and resembles the feminine essence of the brand. The star emitting rays of light represents the spiritual energy of the brand.

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