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visual identity/campaign

The Den is a fictional contemporary interior design firm. They explore the practical needs of humans woven with their minimal approach to design as a source of inspiration for contemporary spaces. The firm strongly believes that each space should reflect the person’s characteristics for whom it’s designed for.

Each space aims to tell a story, evoke a feeling and leave a lasting memory.

the brief

To design a visual identity that reflects the practical and modern approach of the designers.

the solution

Architectural geometry lies at the core of The Den’s design process, and to reflect this, we designed a sleek, minimal identity system to be used on various brand collateral. The prints and colours pair well together with different types of shapes such as squares, shapes and circles in a unifying graphic. The set of logos are minimal, sophisticated and adaptive. The colour palette and photography are inspired by earthy tones, paired with a lime green that elevates the whole colour system.

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