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Let your differences

define you

visual identity/social media presence


Shankar Jalota AKA The Vitiligo Man leads a platform to help promote acceptance of visible differences and the mental health stigma that surrounds it too. The page is full of tips and blog posts about living with a visible difference with the ultimate goal to help those who feel insecure about their visible differences and promote positive mental wellbeing.

the brief

We were asked to create a visual brand identity that would reflect the warm, welcoming personality of Shankar, yet highlight the unique visibility of Vitiligo.

the solution

We developed an identity that emphasizes the platform’s role as friendly and passionate . The branding is confident and approachable, conveying The Vitiligo Man's quest to "Let your differences define you."

The logo is created as an emblem introducing a friendly teal with a custom drawing of Shankar's face. A circle with the tagline is used  to create simple abstract graphics  that allude to the power of networks and community. The circles also function as part of the brand's extensions and as a connector to co-brands and partnerships.

Moreover, we created a series of instagram templates for the platform to create a cohesive theme and build brand recognition online.

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